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I was born in 1950 in Moscow. In 1967 I entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. I was studying at the Department of Computer Mathematics, transformed in 1970 in the new Faculty of Cybernetics and Computer Science, which I graduated in 1972. Then I went to the graduate school of this faculty where my supervisor was N.S. Bakhvalov.

In 1975 I finished the graduade school and in the next year at Moscow State University I defended the candidate dissertation (Ph. D.) "Best Methods of Approximation, Using the Information about Finite Values of Functions".

Since December 1975 I am teaching at the Department of Higher Mathematics of Moscow Institute of Aviation Technology (now it is called "MATI" - Russian State University of Technology) as Assistant Professor (1975-1979), Associate Professor (1979-1994), and Professor (since 1994).

Since 1981 I am a permanent participant of the seminar of V.M. Tikhomirov on Approximation Theory at Moscow State University. In 1993 I defended doctoral dissertation "Optimal Recovery of Linear Functionals on Classes of Analityc Functions" at Steklov Mathematical Institute. Since February 1996 I am the head of Higher Mathematics Department of MATI. In 2000 and 2001 I was awarded by honorary title of Soros Professor (ISSEP). Since September 2008 I also teach at the Department of General Control of  Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University.


2007. Award of Ministry of Education and Science "Honorary Member of Vocational Education of Russian Federation"
2005. Medal "Minister of USSR Marshal D.F. Ustinov"
2001. Soros Professor (ISSEP)
2000. Soros Professor (ISSEP)
1997. Medal "In Memory of 850th Anniversary of Moscow"
1993. Certificated Associate Professor of MATI

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